BF Pirates 2 Staff
If you are interested in joining our staff, please scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.

Development Staff

·         Chris “De Trux                                 Mod Lead

·         Michael "½Hawk" Hoag                    Lead Production Dev, Mapping, Modelling, Lightmaps, Coding, Ships / Weapons, SP, QA Final

·         Martyn “Pirate Plunder”                 Lead R&D Dev, Custom Gamemodes, Coding, HUD, 2D Artwork, Modelling, Mapping, Effects

·         Dan “Catbox                                       Mapping, Modeling, Voice Acting

·         Matt "Keelbasa" Pyter                       Music Composition

·         Ben “Bensta                                      Mapping

·         Hannes “Deleted Screen”                 Coding

·        Dnamro                                             Single Player Support

Currently Inactive Staff

·         Daniel "CaptainRED" Schimanski Sound Effects

·         Fabian "Bibi" Hofmann                     Conceptual & 2D artist, Modeling

·         Günter "Wegvisor" Sonnleitner     Conceptual & 2D artist, Modeling

·         Jason "BrotherJustice" Hathaway Mapping, Modeling, Skinning

·         “Jimmy the Pirate”                            Weapon / Static / Vehicle Modeler

·         Jeff "Killi Vanilli" Almquist            1P Animations

·         Kuba                                                  Modeling

·         Mike "Wheeljack" Perry                 Lead Conceptual & 2D artist

·         Owen "Eturnip" McManus               Character Modeling / Skinning, 2D Art

·         "Ratkin" Whales                                Modeling

·         Wes "Fawd" Galvin                            Modeling

·         Willycyote                                        Modeling, Unwrapping, Skinning

External Contributers

·         Achilles                                                 Skinning

·         Blitz                                                       Weapon Coding

·         ctz                                                           Menu help

·         Edwyn "Omahdon" Tiong                  Voice acting

·         Erik "Ekimerer" Kimerer                Voice acting

·         Junk                                                      Animation help

·         Mach 10                                                Game mode contribution

·         Mschoeldgen                                        Infinite Wisdom

·         Shipwreck                                            Coding, Models

·         TrahnLee                                              Vehicle Coding

·         Vic                                                          Character Importing & Rigging

Past Contributers

·         Andrew "Jack Rackham" Pino        Conceptual artist

·         Bunnysnot                                            Coder, Character Rigging, Modeling

·         Cory “Hail of Nails” Renick            Modeling

·         Daniel "YoshiBoy" Holden               Skinner

·         Ian James "Porthos" Collis              2D artist

·         Jason "Animonster” Lindsay           Modeling, Skinning

·         Joel “GotMilk” Parks                       2d website work

·         Kevin “Kev4000” Sloan                     Weapon Coder

·         Lawrence "Guy Smiley" Brown       BFP 1 Creator, Modeling, Skinning

·         Marek "CheetahShrk" Roszko       Coding, Texture Atlases, HUD

·         Mr. Corphesy                                       Vehicle Coder

·         Tibmaker                                              Skinner, Unwrapping, Modeling, Pallet Artist

Community Staff

·         Ade “Vex”                                            Website Coder

·         Chacal                                                   Head Server Admin

·         Lod                                                         Community Relations

·         Jasc^                                                     Community Relations

·         Stealth                                                   BFPedia Wiki

We are currently looking for all staff, mainly:

-          Community Relations / News

-          Coding (Python)

-          Mapping

-          Animations

-          Static Modeling

-          Texture Art

Please email applications with examples to to join the crew!

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