Download BF Pirates 1

    BFP 1.0 Client Files (366 MB)
    Fileplanet Download
    BF Files*
    Extreme Players

    BFP 1.0 Server Files (25.2 MB)
    Extreme Players

    Installation Instructions
    1. Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of BF 1942.
    This is a 267.8 MB Main Patch (1.6.19 , aka 1.6) then a 6.4 MB Hotfix (v1.6 - v1.61b Patch)
    >>1.61 “main patch” download via Fileplanet
    >>1.61b “hotfixdownload via Fileplanet

    2. Download and install the BFP 1.0 client from a mirror above.

    3. Start BF1942 and select the “Custom Games” tab, then activate BF Pirates. Search for a server playing BFP by searching for map names starting with BFP.

    4. Or, download All Seeing Eye and select Pirates in the BF1942->Mods category.

    5. Pillage and enjoy!

    Mapping Files
    If you wish to map for BFP 1.0 you will need the files in the download below. Note we do not offically provide support for these files but if you ask in the forums members of the community may provide assistance.


    * Some users may experience problems with the files downloaded from this mirror and we advise people to use a different mirror.

    Community made Files

    Archimondes Skin pack
    Aniversiary (Scurvy Dogs Clan)map pack

    Add yours by contacting admin[at]

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